Auto Insurance Reviews – Reviews of Top Car Insurance Companies

It is very important to conduct a thorough auto insurance review when trying to find out which insurer will be the top car insurance company to meet your specific needs. Auto insurance companies throughout the nation provide essentially the same products. Some do offer slightly different policy options, but because there is regulation in auto insurance, there is little actual difference from a policy at one company to another. However, the companies themselves can differ greatly. Some are more financially stable than others, some do better at customer service, some have better prices with more discounts available and still others are better at claims handling.

Financial Reviews Of Top Car Insurance Companies

Doing a review of insurance companies is very important if you are in the market for car insurance. The most important thing to review is the company’s financial stability. This can easily be done by finding out the rating the insurer was given by one of the major independent insurance ratings companies like Moody’s, A.M. Best or Weiss Ratings.

Below is a review of several of the top car insurance companies in the country in regards to their financial stability. The rating given by A.M. Best is beside their name. All these companies received ratings that are considered to be financially stable with a positive outlook for the future. This indicates that they can be expected to be able to meet their financial obligations and be around for quite a while.

Liberty Mutual Insurance: A

Unitrin Insurance: A

Esurance: A-

Sentry Insurance: A+

Allstate Insurance: A+

SF Fire and Casualty: A+

Nationwide Insurance: A+

Progressive Insurance: A+

AIG Casualty: A+


There are things to keep in mind. Some of these companies may operate under slightly different names in certain states. It may be to your benefit to check the company’s full name as it is used in your state to be sure that the rating is the same. Also ratings can change at any time, so it is important to check them at least as often as you get quotes.

Customer service is another aspect of insurance companies that can be very different from one state to another and one year to another. Do an online search for complaints made to your state department of insurance concerning the company in question. You can also do an online search for information on customer service as it pertains to the company you are reviewing. This is also a great way to get information on claims handling and speed.

Since insurance is such a personalized financial product, the only way to review the top companies in terms of price is to get quotes on your own individual insurance needs. To do so quickly and easily, you can use an online quote tool. Such tools are free to use and in return for several minutes of your time answering questions; you’ll be rewarded with multiple quotes from top insurers in your area.

Comparing Car Insurers Online

Get started today with your own personal review of top car insurance companies, to make sure you get the protection you want and need.

Pet Insurance Review Listings Can Help You Make a Better Choice

Pet insurance review listings can help you make a better choice of health insurance for your pet. We often use reviews to help us find the best of something. Think of the power of Oprah’s Book Club – when she reviews a book it is almost guaranteed to be a best seller. People listen to reviews. Think of the last time you went to the cinema without having read at least one review of the movie you are going to see. This is the power of word of mouth. Advertising agencies have been cashing in on this for years, but that does not reduce the value of a personal testimonial. When it comes to pet insurance reviews come in two basic forms – the pet owner testimonial and the industry expert.

When a pet owner gives a pet insurance review it is usually in response to personal circumstance. Often that owner’s pet has undergone treatment for illness or accident and the pet insurance has either performed well, or left the owner feeling disillusioned and angry. Either way, the pet owner will create an emotional story detailing their experience with the pet insurance company. Sometimes it is hard to get an objective view of the insurance company from these testimonials which by their very nature are intensely subjective.

Another type of pet insurance review comes from an industry expert – a vet or a pet care specialist. These reviews are often written from the perspective of multiple interactions with the insurance company. Distinctly less emotional these reviews can sometimes seem aloof and dispassionate – concerned more with facts and figures than with real life situations. The benefit of the expert opinion though is the thorough nature of the investigation. From these reviews you will learn about pay out limits, hereditary exclusions and other conditions that can limit the value of a policy.

In the end run checking both the personal and expert reviews will give you a balanced view of the pet insurance company and the policy’s they offer. You can find these reviews on the inter-net and in pet related magazines. You can also ask friends, neighbors and your vet to supply personal reviews to round out the view you will compile from the published reviews. When you are shopping for a policy reading a pet insurance review or several reviews about the policy you are considering will help you to make an informed, educated choice.